Gifted singer, songwriter and speaker, Sondra Burnett, is using her God-given talent and natural Southern humor to bring worship, as well as joy, to those she ministers to.

“This ministry began when I started feeling God speak to me about different situations in our world. Be it circumstances in my life or a situation I’ve observed, God started dealing with me on a personal level” replied Sondra.

Sondra, the youngest of four children, grew up in a minister’s home. Her parents instilled in her a deep love for her Savior and for the music that would bring glory and honor to His name. “We grew up singing together,” recalled Sondra. “We learned harmony and were a singing, preaching family! I can not ever remember a time that I did not sing.”

Even throughout school, Sondra surrounded herself with music settings, such as band and singing with the jazz band at school. Sondra knew at a very young age that music would play an important role in her life and that writing music would be her greatest joy.

“I even remember the first song I ever wrote.  It was terrible!  As I got older, the songs became better,” she stated.

After graduation, Sondra focused on settling down and starting a family with her high school sweetheart, Rodney. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, Allie and Marlee. Both of Sondra’s girls also have a deep love for music and join her on the platform as often as possible.

“Rodney and I finally reached a point in our lives that we wanted more for our family than a casual relationship with God. We relocated to Cabot, Arkansas, and we started looking for a church home. We were finally ready to begin growing in our faith,” said Sondra. “The more I learned, the more I felt the desire to write. That’s when I wrote the song ‘No More’, a song that still inspires me to stand up for what I believe.”

Sondra recorded In the Final Hour after persistence from her church family, and they became her biggest fans. Sensing God’s call on her life, Sondra, now in her thirties, is using her life to let others know the Savior that she loves so.

“Christian music means everything to me. It’s my escape and my time of worship. There is never a time that I feel closer to God than when I am singing from my heart to His,” says Sondra.

Through heart-warming testimony, Sondra uses her life experiences to share hope for those who have experienced loss and for those who struggle with depression. Her touching stories, along with her quick wit and humor, bring audiences through laughter and tears many times in the same story. Her song “Goodbye” is being used by several hospitals to give comfort and hope to those who have a child leave this world early. “Never Alone”, her song about overcoming depression, has ministered to many who are struggling in darkness.

Although Sondra’s voice lends itself best to the Southern Gospel area of music, Sondra has led and continues to lead praise and worship at many of the women’s events, associational conferences, conventions, etc. where she ministers. She connects with audiences of all ages, singing songs from her projects, the old hymns as well as current praise and worship songs.


After being named the regional songwriter of the Gospel Music Associations’s Southern Gospel Song of 2000 competition for her song “Jesus Is My Best Friend”, Sondra embarked on a new project produced by multi-award winning producers Michael Sykes, Woody Wright, and David Ponder in Nashville, Tennessee.

The project, entitled Sondra, featured several Southern Gospel gems of years past with a new twist. Sondra felt honored to have artists such as Richard Sterban (courtesy of the Oak Ridge Boys), Michael English, Judy Martin Hess, and Ponder, Sykes and Wright to provide background vocals.

Sondra went on to earn Burnett three nominations in the 2004 SGN Music Awards, including Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Country Song and Album of the Year.

In early 2006, Sondra released her lastest recording, Family Reunion, to much critical acclaim. The new batch of songs, produced by Les Butler, fi nds the singer more comfortable than ever in her own skin as a singer/songwriter. Showcasing Sondra’s love for music and God, the new recording is sure to take her to even newer heights.

“There are many times that I ask myself ‘why am I doing this’,” mentioned Sondra. “Each time I begin to doubt myself, God always sends me a message loud and clear. He always sends someone that tells me how much one of my songs has meant to them or how much they were touched by a concert. If I were doing this ministry for me, I would have given up a long time ago. If I could not sing for my Lord, I would not be able to breathe.”

As for the future, Sondra says, “My hope is that Christ will return SOON! Until then, I see this ministry continuing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many as will listen. I pray that God will continue to open many doors so that I may share my testimony of faith and the wonderful things that God has done in my life with others.” End